MTI embraces Fibre Channel

MTI embraces Fibre Channel

Late last month, MTI Technology began shipping its Gladiator ESS storage arrays with Fibre Channel capabilities. Users can choose any combination of host connections, including network, UltraSCSI, Fibre Channel, or remote attachment.

Fibre Channel support for the Gladiator ESS arrays enables servers to be located up to 10 kilometers away. Throughput increases go from standard 20MBps SCSI up to 100MBps. As many as 126 device connections are now possible on a single channel.

The Gladiator ESS with redundant controllers, 128MB mirrored write-back cache, 145GB of hot-swappable storage, and dual-loop Fibre Channel connectivity is priced starting at $128,160. A single ESS array can be scaled to 256MB of mirrored write-back cache and more than 1TB of hot-swappable storage. For the installed base of MTI Gladiator 3200 and 9300 RAID arrays, a Fibre Channel upgrade is available starting at $26,500.


This article was originally published on April 01, 1998