DPT unveils SCSI extender

DPT unveils SCSI extender

Distributed Processing Technology (DPT) recently announced its Ultra Wide SCSI-3 RAIDstation3 storage cabinet with SCSI extender technology. Up to three cabinets can be daisy-chained to triple storage capacity.

RAIDstation3 cabinets include three disk-drive carriers, compatible with most 3.5-inch, half-height or low-profile Ultra Wide SCSI-3 and Wide SCSI-2 drives. Each metal carrier is hot-swappable, has power LEDs, and a key lock that prevents unintentional device withdrawal.

Utilizing the DPT RAID controller with the cabinet provides hardware-based RAID levels 0, 1, and 5 and up to 64MB of cache. Included with all DPT controllers is a graphical Storage Manager utility that provides multiple operating system support, easier RAID installation/setup, user-tunable cache and striping parameters, and 24x7 monitoring and alert notification. Firmware upgrades are available through flash EPROM with hot-spare support that includes scheduled or automatic array rebuild capabilities.

Pricing for an entry-level RAIDstation3 kit with cabinet, controller, and 4MB of hardware cache is $1,959; a higher-performance kit starts at $2,790.


This article was originally published on April 01, 1998