PTI unveils testing/diagnostic tool

PTI unveils testing/diagnostic tool

Peripheral Test Instruments (PTI) recently released SCSI/Fibre Channel testing software, called SCSI toolbox for Windows NT, which they claim is the first tool to directly utilize the Windows NT port driver as opposed to ASPI. PTI officials claim any host bus adapter can be used, regardless of ASPI compliance.

The product is designed to provide field service engineers and related personnel with the ability to exercise, test, configure, and diagnose SCSI and Fibre Channel devices. When incorporated in a Fibre Channel environment, the new SCSI toolbox for Windows NT provides hot bus scanning, performance benchmarking, hard bus resets, and command tag queuing.

Support for ATA is due shortly. Pricing ranges from $99 to $4,995.


This article was originally published on April 01, 1998