CA, Amdahl release replication software

CA, Amdahl release replication software

Dave Simpson

In step with the trend toward high availability, continuous data access, and data protection, Computer Associates and Amdahl recently shipped real-time replication software for open systems environments. Replication software allows users to selectively choose which files, folders, or volumes to copy to secondary storage devices. Benefit: continuous data access in the event of a server failure.

Introduced at last month`s InfoStor conference, CA`s ARCserve Replication for Windows NT can be integrated with the company`s other storage management packages, such as backup/recovery, archiving, disaster recovery, data migration and hierarchical storage management (HSM). It`s also available as part of the Unicenter TNG systems management suite.

Protecting mission-critical data is the main reason why users replicate. For example, the Auld Company, a manufacturer in the product identification industry, is using ARCserve Replication to copy data between two NT servers that function as Web gateways and database servers. "NT was just a little bit unstable, and one of our main concerns was availability of business data," says Jason Gleim, IS manager at the Columbus, OH, company. Gleim considered clustering, but that approach proved too expensive. Prior to installing the replication software, Gleim used standard backup software for data protection.

According to T.M. Ravi, CA`s vice president of enterprise management marketing, CA hopes to differentiate its replication software from other replicators in the following areas:

"Live configuration," which allows administrators to set up replication while data and files are being accessed, without shutting down systems or applications.

Transactional integrity, which ensures that only completed transactions are committed on the secondary server, thus eliminating the risk of data corruption.

Fast failover time. Ravi claims that failover time is less than one second, versus minutes for some other replication packages.

Replication speed. CA officials claim that ARCserve Replication can transfer data at 5.5Mbps.

Automatic failover. Some other replication packages require manual intervention.

CA`s ARCserve Replication, which is priced at $2,995 per primary server, is expected to compete with replication software from vendors such as Octopus, Vinca and Veritas Software.

Whereas CA`s replication software is designed for NT-only environments, Amdahl`s Global Information Sharing (GIS) replication software works across MVS, Unix, and NT databases. For example, users can replicate from DB2 to, say, a Unix-based Oracle database, and vice versa.

GIS is part of Amdahl`s Integrated Information Suite, an umbrella term for the company`s storage strategy and architecture. GIS consists of three modules:

InfoReplicator, which copies data changes from a source database to replica databases.

InfoCopy, which automates the capture, distribution, and application of snapshots of tables or subsets of tables, then applies the snapshot as a complete refresh, appends it to existing data, or merges incoming data with existing rows.

InfoLoader, which facilitates cross-DBMS extract and load processes.

Supported databases include MS SQL Server, Oracle, Informix, Sybase, and DB2. Operating system support includes NT, MVS, AIX, HP-UX, and Solaris. Prices for GIS are platform-dependent.

This article was originally published on April 01, 1998