Whats hot in storage software?

What`s hot in storage software?

Dave Simpson

Although hardware often gets the headlines, there are a number of important software trends to watch for over the coming year--some of which began last year. According to Michael Peterson, president of the Strategic Research consulting firm, in Santa Barbara, CA, the two hottest storage management software products/categories last year were 1) EMC`s Timefinder and 2) desktop and mobile backup solutions.

EMC`s Timefinder provides remote array mirroring for business continuity. The software is based on EMC`s Intelligent Storage Architecture (ISA) and allows users to create multiple copies of mainframe or Unix data for applications such as backup, Year 2000 testing, European currency conversion, data warehouse loading, decision support, and applications development. Peterson predicts Timefinder-class software will become a billion dollar business this year.

The category of desktop and mobile backup was pioneered last year by vendors such as Atrieva, Connected Corp., Safeguard Interactive, Surefind, and Telebackup Systems. Through various approaches, these vendors--which are sort of service bureaus--allow companies to back up their data over the Internet. (For details, see "Back Up to the `Net`," InfoStor, December 1997, p. 46.) Peterson expects large corporations to adopt these solutions over the course of the year.

So, what`s hot for 1998? Peterson`s opinion is storage resource management (SRM) software. Driving its growth is the push for lower total cost of ownership--a key message being stressed by vendors such as Compaq and Microsoft. SRM tools are available from such large vendors as Computer Associates, Legato, and Veritas Software and such smaller vendors as HighGround Systems.

This article was originally published on April 01, 1998