FCA elects board of directors

FCA elects board of directors

Dave Simpson

The Fibre Channel Association, which comprises more than 60 member companies, recently elected its board of directors for this calendar year. Brocade Communications` Brenda Christensen stays on as chairperson, and Jaycor Networks` Charles Bazaar remains secretary/treasurer. Other re-elected directors and officers include Michael Fitzpatrick, Fujitsu Computer Products of America; Marty Francis, Symbios; and Michael Hoard, Boeing Defense and Space.

Newly elected directors include Dale Head, Amdahl; Carla Kennedy, Ancor Communications; Tom Lassen, EMC; Linda Reed, McData; Dennis Talluto, EDS; and Bob Weisickle, Hewlett-Packard. Genroco`s Jerry Leitherer was elected vice president and chairperson of the FCA Membership Committee.

For more information, call the FCA at (650) 949-6730, or visit www.fibrechannel.com. The email address is fca@fibrechannel.com.

This article was originally published on April 01, 1998