OSTA enhances UDF

OSTA enhances UDF

The Optical Storage Technology Association (OSTA) has strengthened the Universal Disk Format (UDF), a file-system specification for writable optical-disc devices and media, with Release 2.0. The new spec defines support for Windows NT, enhances data security for NT and Unix, adds more support for Compact Disc-Recordable (CD-R), and defines backward read capabilities for discs created with UDF 2.0 and earlier versions of the spec. UDF is designed to facilitate backup, archiving, and distribution on writable optical disc drives.

According to OSTA officials, the most important addition in the 2.0 spec is support for named streams in Windows NT environments. Use of named streams makes it easier for users to back up and restore to and from hard drives. Also facilitating backup and restore, UDF 2.0 includes Power Calibration Stream features, which reduce the number of times a power calibration needs to take place.

Addressing security issues, UDF 2.0 supports access control lists for Windows NT and Unix. These lists enable Unix/NT security access features to be applied to backup operations, preventing unauthorized access to backup files. In addition, subdirectories can be backed up in their original configurations with all user-access parameters included.

UDF 2.0 can be viewed and downloaded from the OSTA Web site.


This article was originally published on April 01, 1998