Storage prominent at Networld+Interop

Storage prominent at Networld+Interop

By Zachary Shess

Storage vendors garnered considerable attention earlier this month at the Networld+Interop show, May 4 to 8 in Las Vegas. Not surprisingly, most of them showcased the speed and connectivity virtues of Fibre Channel.

NStor introduced two new storage arrays--the CR8F and the higher-end CR18F. Both subsystems support 4GB, 9GB, and 18GB Fibre Channel disk drives. The CR8F has a capacity of 144GB in a single tower or rackmount enclosure. The CR18F holds up to 18 drives in a single rackmount enclosure. As much as 324GB are available in a full rack.

Exabyte rolled out two connectivity products. The FC11 Fibre Channel-to-SCSI router, which is based on Crossroad Systems` model 4100 router, is designed to help customers integrate Exabyte tape drives and libraries into Fibre Channel-based storage area networks. This router is expected to be the first in a line of connectivity products resulting from a partnership between Crossroads and Exabyte. Pricing for the FC11 starts at $5,995.

Exabyte also announced the SM61 SCSI Multiplexer, which is based on the UltraNet Storage Multiplexer from Computer Network Technology. The mux is designed to facilitate connectivity between Exabyte tape drives/ libraries and up to six SCSI-attached Unix or Windows NT servers. The SM61 offers two to six dedicated server ports for each server. The shared SCSI devices are connected to a separate device port. SM61 pricing starts at $10,000 for two ports and $16,000 for six ports. Both the FC11 and SM61 will be sold through Exabyte`s reseller channel.

Jaycor Networks was arguably one of the busiest vendors at the show as the company made several announcements centered around its FibreStar line of adapters and switches. Jaycor upgraded the FibreStar adapters with new software features designed for smoother communication with similar devices from vendors such as Ancor, Brocade, and McData. Existing customers can download the software free of charge.

Jaycor also announced a new integrated version of its FibreStar PCI-to-Fibre Channel adapter. This new version provides either a copper or fiber-optic cable interface built in to a single-slot card, which facilitates installation because no removable copper or fiber-optic module is necessary. The adapter with the copper interface is $1,995. The fiber-optic option is $2,320.

Jaycor also increased bandwidth capabilities on its FibreStar SBus-to-Fibre Channel adapter by adding a 64-bit version, which doubles the transmission capacity of its previous 32-bit adapters. Pricing begins at $3,150.

The FibreStar FCS-1063, a 16-port, 1Gbps Fibre Channel switch, was also announced at N+I. The switch includes a motherboard, processor board, connectors for adding up to eight optional dual-port interfaces, built-in software for switch management, and an interface option for FC-AL connectivity. Pricing is $1,895 per port.

ATL Products announced the P3000 series of DLT libraries, designed for enterprise-level, high-availability applications. The P3000 contains up to 16 drives, delivering 288GB/hour data transfer rates with as many as 332 cartridges that hold up to 11.6TB of storage capacity. ATL also rolled out its PowerStor DLT libraries for Unix and Windows NT LANs. The PowerStor holds up to three drives, providing 54GB/hour speed with 14 cartridges for 490GB of capacity.

Stac introduced its Replica Network Data Manager (NDM) software, which enables enterprise-wide network data protection for centrally managed Windows desktops and notebooks. The new product utilizes Stac`s Sequoia technology for desktop backup and recovery. Replica NDM provides backup protection to networked Windows 95 and NT workstations by transmitting altered data over the wire to a central information vault. Pricing starts at $500 per workstation.

This article was originally published on May 01, 1998