HP ships 5.2GB MO jukebox

HP ships 5.2GB MO jukebox

Hewlett-Packard this month began shipments of its SureStore optical jukeboxes with 5.2GB magneto-optical drives and media, which provide a 2x increase in capacity and transfer rate over existing 2.6GB MO devices. The capacity increase is possible because of a 1.35x improvement in track pitch, a doubling of the sector size, and a 1.23x increase in recording area.

The jukeboxes are targeted at industries such as accounting, banking, legal, customer service, healthcare, and government, and applications such as document and image management, computer output to laser disk (COLD), and data migration. SureStore jukeboxes are supported by virtually all vendors of optical storage management software packages.

Features of the SureStore jukeboxes include online drive replacement, electronic upgrades, conversion kits for users of 2.6GB-based jukeboxes, read/write backward compatibility with 2.6GB cartridges, and read-only compatibility with 1.3GB and 650MB cartridges. The jukeboxes can be configured with one to ten drives, 16 to 238 cartridges, and a total capacity of as much as 1.2TB. Pricing ranges from $3,894 for a single drive to $101,894 for a full library configuration. www.hp.com/go/optical

This article was originally published on May 01, 1998