Spectra Logic enhances Alexandria

Spectra Logic enhances Alexandria

Aimed at very large distributed databases and data center applications, Version 4.0 of Spectra Logic`s Alexandria backup/recovery software offers a number of improvements in the areas of flexibility, scalability, and functionality. Examples:

- Extended Oracle and Informix support across networked environments

- Year 2000 compliance

- Improved tape duplication and management

- ShareTape interchange capability with mainframe storage devices

- Expanded platform and library support

- GUI enhancements and AlexClient software

Version 4.0 also includes an offline tape duplication utility, allowing creation of one backup tape for off-site vaulting or additional disaster recovery, and another tape for on-site backup. The Java-based GUI allows local or remote management of "hot" (online) and "cold" (offline) database backups for Oracle Enterprise Backup Utility and Informix OnBAR, as well as Windows NT and Windows 95 systems. ShareTape provides an ANSI header skip option that allows Unix systems to utilize tapes created on shared mainframe libraries, such as StorageTek silos.

New platform support in Alexandria 4.0 includes Solaris x86, Unisys, and Linux. Expanded library support now includes Qualstar, ATL Products, and Sony. www.spectralogic.com

This article was originally published on May 01, 1998