IBM maps software strategy

IBM maps software strategy

Dave Simpson

IBM plans to fill in some holes and to expand the reach of its storage management software strategy over the course of this year. For example, the company plans to release a new suite by year`s end. Called Enterprise Storage Resource Management (ESRM), the suite will encompass a number of management functions, including asset, capacity, configuration, performance, policy and recovery management, as well as data/device/ media migration functionality. Although ESRM will be a separate product, IBM plans to integrate the suite with its existing storage management packages, including ADSM and DFSMShsm.

Claiming to have more than 400,000 licenses, IBM also previewed enhancements to ADSM. Due by mid-year: central administration, a Web backup/archive client, automation, SNMP monitoring extensions, reporting, extended Windows NT integration, and an Oracle on NT agent. Server support for platforms from Hewlett-Packard and Sun--as well as the AS/400--next quarter. IBM last month added ADMS V3.1 HSM client support for Silicon Graphics and Solaris VFS platforms.

Big Blue also plans to beef up ADSM sales in the channel. In 1997, the channel accounted for about 30% of ADSM sales. According to Deborah Walker, manager of software channels marketing, IBM plans to increase that percentage to 50% this year.

On the Windows NT front, IBM announced support for a number of storage elements that are expected to be bundled into NT 5.0, including MS Removable Storage Manager (formerly NTMS), active directory services, security, HSM via the NT API, and DFS file system support.

This article was originally published on June 01, 1998