Hitachi first with 12,000rpm drives

Hitachi first with 12,000rpm drives

Within the next month, Hitachi America will begin shipping engineering samples of disk drives with 12,000rpm rotational speeds. Hoping to be first to market with the high-speed drives, Hitachi expects production shipments of Ultra-2 SCSI versions in September, with Fibre Channel models to follow in October.

The 9.2GB DK3E1 drives have an average read seek time of 5ms and are based on 2.5-inch media. Power consumption in idle mode is 11.8W in the Ultra-2 SCSI models, and slightly more than 13W in the Fibre Channel versions. Cache sizes range from 512KB to 2MB for the SCSI models, and 1MB to 4MB for the Fibre Channel models. Other features include tagged command queuing, multi-I/O multiprocessing, MR heads, EPRML read- channel electronics, and embedded servos.


This article was originally published on June 01, 1998