DPT enters Fibre Channel market

DPT enters Fibre Channel market

Distributed Processing Technology (DPT) jumped into the Fibre Channel arena last month with the SmartRAID V Century Fibre Channel controller, which also includes an Ultra Wide SCSI interface. DPT claims PCI bus data transfer rates of 132MBps burst (66MBps sustained) and a Fibre Channel sustained data rate of 100MBps. The I2O-compliant controller includes an Intel i960 processor and both interfaces on a half-size card with a list price of $1,095. The i960 offloads I/O processing from the host CPU.

The SmartRAID V Century supports up to 64MB of cache with an optional DPT RA4050 RAID Accelerator, a variety of RAID levels, FC-AL, class-3 service, and copper or fiber-optic media interfaces.


This article was originally published on June 01, 1998