Brocade demonstrates zoning

Brocade demonstrates zoning

At last month`s N+I show, Brocade Communications demonstrated its zoning service on a Fibre Channel fabric, which the company refers to as a server-storage area network, linked via three Brocade SilkWorm Fibre Channel switches. The fabric was delineated into eight zones, encompassing Unix and NT systems.

Zone 1 included four SGI 02 workstation, each with a Prisa Networks PCI Fibre Channel adapter (for IP and SCSI). Each workstation accessed uncompressed video clips through independent streams from two Unisys JBOD subsystems. Brocade claimed total aggregate throughput of 240MBps on the switch.

Zones 3, 4, and 5 segregated Unix and NT systems, preventing access to the other environment`s disks while allowing them to share the same tape library for disk benchmarking and backup. A Sun workstation with a Jaycor Networks Sbus adapter card and an Intel-based NT workstation with an Emulex PCI adapter card occupied zones 3 and 5, each of which had a Clariion JBOD array.

Both the Sun and NT systems were also included in zone 4 with an Exabyte tape library connected through a Crossroads Crosspoint Fibre Channel bridge/router. Intelliguard software arbitrated and controlled the backup process, tracking, and scheduling the files to be saved from each system.

Zones 6 and 7 included an NT workstation with an Interphase PCI adapter card (for both IP and SCSI). The two zones shared a Sun A5000 disk array, with each NT system zoned to access half of the array, which was configured as two JBOD arrays.


This article was originally published on June 01, 1998