Mitsubishi and partners push SuperDisk

Mitsubishi and partners push SuperDisk

Mitsubishi Electronics and a number of its partners have enhanced the SuperDisk LS-120 while making it easier to integrate the drive into older PCs. Mitsubishi and Maxell, for example, recently announced the availability of the PCMCIA SuperDisk, a half-inch 10-ounce implementation based on Mitsubishi`s slim-line SuperDisk design for notebooks. SuperDisk packs 120MB, is backward compatible with standard 1.44MB diskettes, and competes with removable storage devices from Iomega. Available this month, the Maxell SuperDisk drive carries a suggested retail price of $299. www.maxell.com.

In addition, Mitsubishi and Accurate Technologies announced the availability of Accurite`s Travel 120 PCMCIA SuperDisk LS-120 drive. For availability and pricing information, visit www.accurite.com.

And Mitsubishi and Micro Firmware Inc. recently announced shipments of the ATA Pro controller card, which allows users to upgrade older PCs with SuperDisk drives. The controller card uses Phoenix Technologies` PhoenixBIOS code and is compatible with PCs based on 286 through Pentium processors and the ISA bus. The ATA Pro features a Multi-Boot feature that allows users to re-map the SuperDisk to act as the a: drive.

The controller is available in two versions: one with a plug-and-play IDE interface ($34.95) and one without an IDE interface ($29.95). www.firmware.com. For general information on SuperDisk, visit


This article was originally published on June 01, 1998