MDI introduces DVD-ROM optical solutions

MDI introduces DVD-ROM optical solutions

Micro Design International (MDI) this quarter announced new network-attached and server-based DVD-ROM product lines. Second-generation DVD drives provide access to all media types and offer data access to and from DVDs and CDs. Users can choose between tower or rack configurations and can add MDI`s SCSI Express software to manage the various media. Pricing ranges from $399 to $65,995.

MDI also upgraded its U-Stor magneto-optical (MO) drives by doubling the capacity of previous models to 5.2GB.The drives are available in desktop stand-alone and server-based jukebox configurations. U-Stor jukeboxes have the option of being bundled with SCSI Express software. U-Stor pricing ranges from $1,920 per drive to $84,570 for high-end jukebox configurations.

MDI also began shipping its UltraServe storage product. With data stored on CDs, the UltraServe links directly to the network without server resource requirements. MDI claims the product delivers hard-disk-like data access speeds, while offering a storage capacity of up to 24GB through the use of as many as 58 CDs. Offered through MDI`s distributors and resellers, the UltraServe list prices start at $4,995 and range up to $6,995.


This article was originally published on June 01, 1998