IBM enhances 3570/3575

IBM enhances 3570/3575

Clocked at 7MBps (up to 15MBps compressed), IBM`s Magstar MP 3570 "Model C" subsystem is three times faster than previous models equipped with "B" drives.

IBM has also enhanced the Magstar MP Tape Library Dataserver with a patented Multi-Path architecture. The new architecture allows individual libraries to be partitioned into multiple logical libraries, each attached to one or more hosts. Each logical library is assigned separate storage slots, drives, and control path but shares I/O slots and library robotics. The new data servers provide 300GB to 4.8TB of capacity (with 3:1 compression and up to six Magstar MP drives) and have an aggregate sustained data rate of 100GB to 300GB per hour (with maximum data compression). The subsystem and the data server are Seascape architecture building blocks and can be incorporated into IBM storage solutions such as Network Storage Manager.

In addition, IBM in April began shipping three new Network Storage Manager models. The entry-level C-10 integrates a Digital Linear Tape library; the mid-size C-20 incorporates IBM`s enhanced Magstar MP; and the C-30 integrates the Magstar subsystem with a variety of tape drive and storage expansion options. All models include the following Seascape building blocks: IBM`s scalable intelligent server complex, IBM`s 7133 Serial Disk System, ADSTAR Distributed Storage Manager (ADSM) software, automated "overseer" for on-line management, data backup and recovery functions, and a choice of tape storage subystems. NSM is directly connected to the network with any common network connections (e.g., FDDI, Token-Ring, Ethernet, or ATM). Suggested price: $120,000.


This article was originally published on June 01, 1998