TeraStor reveals NFR specs, pricing

TeraStor reveals NFR specs, pricing

By Zachary Shess

TeraStor last month announced plans to ship 10GB drives in the fourth quarter; the drives are based on the company`s near-field recording (NFR) technology. The drives were originally scheduled for shipment this spring. According to company officials, 20GB versions are due in the second quarter of next year.

The first versions of the drives use single-sided removable cartridges. Two-sided cartridges will eventually be incorporated, enabling capacity to double up to 40GB.

Available in a 5.25-inch, half-high form factor, company officials tout the drives as a new class of removable storage that will deliver 5 to 10 times the capacity of some existing alternatives. Skip Kilsdonk, TeraStor`s vice president of corporate planning and strategy, says it is important to let users know what lies ahead so they can better anticipate what they will need to satisfy storage requirements down the road. "We`re trying to anticipate market demand before it truly manifests itself. So when people need these capacities, we`re there with product," says Kilsdonk.

The drives are the first to incorporate TeraStor`s NFR technology, which essentially combines elements of optical drives and standard hard disk drives.

Kilsdonk characterizes NFR by its ability to offer "tape-like capacity with hard-drive performance." He says that NFR technology enables large and sustainable increases in areal density, which can help satisfy the capacity and performance needs for applications such as medical imaging, CAD/CAM, multimedia and other graphics-oriented applications.

Other key benefits from NFR removable storage products include a contamination-resistant cartridge design and error-correction capability.

The suggested retail price for the 10GB drives is expected to range from $699 to $799. The 20GB drives are expected to be priced from $999 to $1,199.

This article was originally published on July 01, 1998