TeraStors Alliances and Partners

TeraStor`s Alliances and Partners

Hitachi America: TeraStor will integrate Hitachi America`s SH-7021 RISC chip into the NFR drives.

Imation: The agreement includes media co-development, with Imation licensed as a cartridge supplier to manufacture and sell Imation-branded NFR cartridges.

Maxell: Will develop and manufacture first-surface magneto-optical (MO) media for NFR disk drives.

Mitsumi Electronics: As a TeraStor manufacturing partner, Mitsumi will manufacture NFR drives.

Quantum: Will license the initial removable disk drive products from TeraStor.

Olympus Optical: Will co-design and manufacture optics modules to be used in NFR drives.

Silicon Systems: TeraStor will integrate multiple chips from Silicon Systems into its NFR drives.

Tosoh: Will develop and manufacture first-surface MO media for NFR drives.

Yamaha: Yamaha and TeraStor are co-developing a flying optical head, which incorporates a solid immersion lens.

This article was originally published on July 01, 1998