Plasmon launches wide array of storage devices

Plasmon launches wide array of storage devices

Plasmon is now shipping NetReady, an alternative to maintaining jukebox storage on a network. According to Plasmon, the network-attached storage device is designed for plug-and-play ease of use by combining it with platform-independent storage management software and Plasmon`s D-Series CD library. NetReady can be plugged into Ethernet or Fast Ethernet via a standard RJ45 network jack with Plasmon claiming that the product can be assembled by an administrator in minutes. The device includes a 9GB hard drive that caches up to 14 650MB CDs. When paired with Plasmon`s 4 CD-ROM drive, 120-slot D-Series jukeboxes, users have access to 18CDs. Pricing starts at $6,750.

Plasmon also recently introduced the M500, a 500-slot 2.6TB jukebox based on its new 5.2GB MO drive technology. Designed for networked users, the drive access time is 25 milliseconds. The jukebox can be configured with two, four, or six drives and one, two, or four SCSI buses. The M500 is priced at $89,400 for a two-drive, single-bus configuration. For a stand-alone external drive with software, the price is $2,769.

Plasmon has also upgraded the D-Series CD library. Company officials claim the enhancements triple the library`s speed and provide more options for users without increasing the price. The D-Series can now be configured with two, four, or six 24x CD-ROM drives. The libraries can be configured with CD-ROM and/or CD recorders.

A tray-loading import/export single-disc slot is built into the front of the M500 for on-line disc exchange. Ten-disc CD packs can be inserted through the front door for simple bulk loading. The D-Series CD-ROM library prices begin at $6,750 for a two-drive, 120-slot jukebox and $11,350 when bundled with the NewReady network-attached storage device. www.plasmon.com.

This article was originally published on July 01, 1998