EMC upgrades NT backup

EMC upgrades NT backup

Last month, EMC announced the immediate availability of two enhanced product suites that address enterprise-level Windows NT backup and restore functions, as well as data sharing. Though the suites are used in divergent computing environments, both products add several features that address customer concerns of 24x7 availability, scalability, and simplified management.

In addition to the Symmetrix Path option, EMC added Digital Unixand Sequent DYNIX platform capability to the EDM Symmetrix Connect option. At the database level, Oracle 8 on HP-UX and AIX is now supported. EMC also announced that EDM software will support the 9710 DLT library from Storage Technology.

EDM Symmetrix Path is available for backup of Windows NT file systems and Windows NT versions of Oracle 8, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle on SAP/R3, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange, and cc:Mail. Pricing starts at $150,000.

EMC also announced InfoMover 2.0, previously known as Symmetrix Multihost Transfer Facility (SMTF). The software enables users to conduct high-speed file transfers between any combination of mainframes and open-systems servers. With the latest version, disk-to-disk data transfer rates have been doubled up to 21MBps without burdening the network. InfoMover 2.0 has also added Fibre Channel and Ultra SCSI support, and a new management utility.

The software is available for mainframes running MVS and OS/390, HP/9000 Series servers running HP-UX, Sun SPARC servers running Solaris, IBM RS/6000 servers running AIX, Digital Alpha servers running Digital UNIX Sequent Symmetry and others. Prices range from $40,000 to $86,500 per Symmetrix. www.emc.com.

This article was originally published on July 01, 1998