DPT ships Fibre Channel subsystem

DPT ships Fibre Channel subsystem

Distributed Processing Technology has begun distributor shipments of the RAIDstation7 Fibre Channel disk subsystem. Available with DPT`s SmartRAID V Century Fibre Channel controller, the subsystem comes in rackmount or tower configurations.

The arrays support seven SCA-2 Fibre Channel disk drives with speeds up to 10,000rpm in either RAID or JBOD implementations. Up to 16 RAIDstation7 arrays can be daisy-chained for terabyte-level capacities.

Without disk drives, the arrays are priced at $4,995, including two power supplies, two cooling modules, and three-meter HSSDC-to-DB9 copper cable. The SmartRAID V controller is priced at $1,095. www.dpt.com.

This article was originally published on July 01, 1998