Procom expands NAS family

Procom expands NAS family

An early entry in the growing market for storage devices that attach directly to networks, Procom recently added the NetFORCE 1000 disk array to its line of network-attached storage (NAS) optical subsystems. Capacities range from 90GB to 900GB in a configuration with five 10-drive modules.

Target applications include Internet Service Providers, data warehousing, Web servers, email and CAD. Protocol support includes NFS, CIFS, and HTTP. Network support includes Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, or FDDI/CDDI.

Based on a 64-bit operating system and a journaling file system, the NetFORCE 1000 can handle up to 2,700 I/Os per second at access times as low as 1.2 milliseconds, according to internal tests performed using the LADDIS benchmark. The RAID array is based on Procom`s Reliant 1000 RAID system with an Ultra Wide SCSI interface that can be upgraded to Fibre Channel.

Prices range from $73,275 for a 90GB configuration to $278,405 for a 900GB system. www.procom.com.

This article was originally published on July 01, 1998