Emass sets price benchmark for DLT libraries

Emass sets price benchmark for DLT libraries

For less than a penny per megabyte, customers can now purchase a complete library solution from Emass. At $29,950, the SMART/4000si reportedly sets a new price benchmark for DLT automation. The multi-terabyte automated library comes with four DLT4000 drives and a single-server license for AMASS SMART archival software.

The four-drive library stores more than 4.7GB of data and has an aggregate data rate in excess of 43GB per hour. For added capacity and improved performance, users can upgrade to six drives or to DLT7000 technology.

The SMART/4000si supports various data management and backup software, including AMASS, CA/Cheyenne`s ARCserver, HP`s OmniBack, IBM`s ADSM, and Legato`s NetWorker. AMASS transparently manages all media using a high-performance disk cache and an on-line index. www.emass.com.

This article was originally published on August 01, 1998