Toshiba releases DVD drives

Toshiba releases DVD drives

Toshiba recently began shipping three new DVD drives: The SD-M1202 DVD-ROM drive, designed for integration into desktops; the SD-C2102 slim-line DVD-ROM drive for portables; and the SD-W1101, a rewritable DVD-RAM drive.

The SD-M1202 DVD-ROM drive has a newly designed optical pick-up head and an enhanced optical sensor to facilitate faster digital transactions and data transfers. The SD-C2102 is designed for portable computers. It has a height of 12.7mm and 2.4X transfer rate for CD-ROM media and a full 20X for DVD-ROM media. The SD-W1101 rewritable drive holds 2.6GB on a single-sided disc and 5.2GB on double-sided disc and has a 2,400KBps transfer rate for CD-ROM media and 2,700KBps rate for DVD media.

Suggested list pricing: $179 for the SD-M1202, $279 for the SD-C2102, and $699 for the SD-W1101. The drives are available primarily through OEMs and system integrators. www.toshiba.com\taecdpd\.

This article was originally published on August 01, 1998