SciNet debuts network-ready cluster jukebox

SciNet debuts network-ready cluster jukebox

SciNet recently unveiled the DiscJockey line of cluster jukeboxes, network-attached storage devices that hold arrays of high-performance disc changers in single or multiple enclosures. According to company officials, the device offers the highest disc capacity of a standard jukebox and has a four-to-one or five-to-one ratio of platters to readers for enhanced overall network performance.

DiscJockeys do not require additional software on either file servers or networked client workstations. Available from SciNet and its resellers, a 16-disc DiscJockey starts at $1,495.

New duplication system from JVC

The JVC Standalone Multi-Drive CD duplicating system duplicates up to six recordable CDs simultaneously and up to 24 CDs per hour. The drive is compatible with all CD formats and contains a membrane keypad, 40-character LCD, built-in CD writers, switching power supply, menu access via keypad, quad-speed CD recording, and automatic CD format detection. MSRP for the JVC Standalone Multi-Drive is $7,895. www.jvc.net.

This article was originally published on August 01, 1998