EMC improves InfoMover suite

EMC improves InfoMover suite

EMC recently announced it has doubled file transfer performance and added Fibre Channel and Ultra SCSI connectivity to version 2.0 of its InfoMover software. Formerly known as Symmetrix Multihost Transfer Facility (SMTF), InfoMover 2.0 enables users to conduct high-speed bulk file transfers between any combination of supported mainframes and open-systems servers.

Fibre Channel and Ultra SCSI connectivity increases file transfer speed, lowers cost of ownership, and extends the distance over which users can share files. InfoMover 2.0 also includes added setup and management utilities, as well as European character support.

The software is currently available for IBM and IBM-compatible mainframes running MVS and OS/390, HP/9000 Series servers running HP-UX, SPARC servers running Solaris, IBM RS/6000 platforms running AIX, and others. List prices range from $40,000 for Symmetrix 5330/3330 systems to $86,500 for Symmetrix 5700/3700 systems. www.emc.com.

This article was originally published on August 01, 1998