Ancor secures Fibre Channel switches

Ancor secures Fibre Channel switches

Addressing security issues in storage area networks (SANs), Ancor Communications has added three-level zoning to its GigWorks MKII 16-port Fibre Channel switches. The zoning includes hard zoning, virtual zoning, and broadcast zoning, which allows SAN devices to be organized into subsets within the storage fabric. Ancor claims to be the only switch vendor to offer hard zoning, which allows IT managers to program zone assignments into the flash memory of Ancor`s custom ASICs, which control four ports, ensuring that no data traffic flows between zones.

Virtual zoning is set at the port level, allowing users to configure individual virtual zones on a SAN fabric. Broadcast zoning can be used to restrict the scope of broadcasts. Ancor also added Web-based switch management capabilities, which can be used with leading systems management platforms such as HP OpenView.


This article was originally published on September 01, 1998