Andataco adds application-specific arrays

Andataco adds application-specific arrays

Part of the company`s Application-Specific Architecture (ASA), Andataco (San Diego) has added two members to its GigaRAID family of arrays. The GigaRAID/HA is designed for multiple RAID levels and includes embedded I/O database accelerator software that is designed to increase performance in RDBMS, OLTP, and messaging applications. Features include single- or dual-active Ultra SCSI controllers with 128MB of cache per controller, up to 1.5TB capacity, up to 18 host connections, and management software.

The GigaRAID/AA array is designed for data warehousing, digital video, pre-press and geographic information systems applications. Features include 10,000rpm drives and 128MB of cache, 11 host connections and 1.7TB per enclosure, and management software.

An entry-level GigaRAID/AA configuration is priced at $45,862 (or $0.318 per MB) for one controller and eight 18GB drives. A high-end configuration with 10 host connections and 80 18GB drives is priced at $45,862.


This article was originally published on September 01, 1998