HP expands SureStore offerings

HP expands SureStore offerings

Expanding its SureStore line of storage solutions, Hewlett-Packard earlier this month unveiled three new products: a DLT autoloader, a tape rack, and a Fibre Channel SCSI bridge.

With a 5MBps native transfer rate, the DLT autoloader 718 features 280GB of native capacity and can function as a stand-alone or rack-mount system. The product is designed for enterprise LAN environments using Windows NT, Windows 95, Novell, or UNIX servers with 18GB to 70GB of overall networked data capacity. TapeAlert, HP TapeAssure, one removable magazine with five HP DLT tape IV data cartridges, one cleaning cartridge, a PCI SCSI host bus adapter, SCSI cables, and trial backup software from HP OmniBack and Computer Associates ARCserve are standard. HP will begin shipping the 718 in October.

Also for mission-critical applications, HP announced SureStor TapeRack, which supports up to four drives in a 19-inch enclosure. Special removable versions of HP`s SureStore DAT 24r, DLT 40r, and DLT 70r are available for use with the enclosure. The TapeRack has a scalable capacity of 24GB to 280GB (compressed), and additional drives can be installed at any time. Drives and power units are hot-swappable. Dual UltraWide SCSI buses enable streaming from two channels, enabling up to a 144GB per hour backup rate when four drives are used simultaneously. The enclosure can be configured to support mirroring and RAIT (redundant array of independent tape). Initially, TapeRack will be supported by Computer Associate`s ARC serve 6.5 and Seagate Backup Exec 7.0. The enclosure is available for under $5,000.

HP also announced the Fibre Channel SCSI Bridge 2100 ER. Available in external and rack-mount versions, the bridge is a Fibre-Channel-based backup and recovery solution for the SureStore 15-slot library. The bridge will enable customers to share the SureStore library among several servers and attached storage devices. Availability is slated for January 1.


This article was originally published on September 01, 1998