Compaq releases optical drives

Compaq releases optical drives

Compaq introduced several new optical drives for its DeskPro line last month, including a DVD-ROM drive, 6X CD-RW drive, 32X Max CD-ROM drive, the Slimline 24X Max CD-ROM drive, and an MPEG2 decoder.

The DVD-ROM drive offers backward compatibility with CD technologies, with a 170ms average seek time for DVD media and 100ms for CD media. The new 6X CD-RW drive reads and writes CD-R media, as well as reading CD-ROMs and audio CDs.

Reading CDs, CD-Rs, and rewritable CD-RW media, the 32X Max CD-ROM-compatible drive has an access time of less than 100ms. The Slimline 24X Max CD-ROM drive is designed for smaller footprint requirements.

The DVD-ROM drive with decoder and the 6X CD-RW drive are both priced at $399. The 32X Max CD-ROM drive is listed at $138, and the Slimline is priced at $179.


This article was originally published on September 01, 1998