Happy Birthday, InfoStor!

Happy Birthday, InfoStor!

Dave Simpson


This issue marks our first year anniversary. When we launched the magazine last October, the idea of a storage-specific publication seemed dicey. There are a slew of trade publications vying for readers` attention, from the general-purpose IS/IT newspapers to the business-oriented channel publications. But the IS/IT and channel magazines pay scant attention to storage, despite the fact that it now accounts for about 50% of overall system expenditures. And the total storage market exceeds $50 billion.

We saw a real market need for a monthly magazine dedicated to storage, aimed at all storage professionals, whether they work in the channel or in IS/IT departments. Our instincts proved correct, as we`ve moved from a relatively unknown startup to a successful magazine with 30,000 readers.

Many thanks to everybody that made our transition possible--our readers, advertisers, contributing experts and analysts, and our staff. We`re dedicated to providing timely and in-depth information on all aspects of storage technology, trends, and business issues.

Viva Las Vegas

Fall Comdex is less than one month away. (We can tell from the onslaught of press releases we`ve been receiving over the last few weeks.) InfoStor`s staff will be there in force, and we`ll have a booth in the Fibre Channel Loop Community`s exhibit space, Room N246 in the main convention center.

The FCLC will set up an elaborate, functional storage network with a wide range of RAID boxes, controllers, adapters, switches and hubs--all cabled together. Exhibitors include Adaptec, AMCC, AMP, Ancor, Ancot, Atto, Berg, Box Hill, Brocade, Compaq, CDS, Crossroads, Clariion, Digital, ECCS, Emulex, Eurologic, Finisar, Fujikura, Fujitsu, Fujitsu CPA, Gadzoox, HP, Hitachi, IBM, InfoStor, Interphase, I-Tech, Jaycor, LSI, Maxstrat, Methode, Molex, MTI, One of Us, QLogic, Quantum, Raidtec, Seagate, Serano, Solution Technology, Starcom, Tensolite, Trimm, Unisys, Vitesse, Vixel, W.L. Gore, Western Digital, and Xyratex.

See you there!

This article was originally published on October 01, 1998