ATL brings "intelligence" to tape libraries

ATL brings "intelligence" to tape libraries

At Comdex next month, ATL will unveil an "intelligent" plug and play alternative to routers for configurating Fibre Channel libraries. ATL has built a PCI expansion bus into the backplane of its P1000 and P3000 tape libraries, which are based on the company`s Prism architecture. Users can plug a standard host into the bus to achieve Fibre Channel connection or to upgrade from SCSI to Fibre Channel. The bus supports Class 2 Fibre Channel for guaranteed data delivery and Class 3 Fibre Channel for connectivity with hubs, switches, routers, and hosts. Other key benefits include:

- FC-Tape ANSI compliancy

- Support of multiple target SCSI IDs

- Support of dual Fibre Channel loops

- An Ethernet port on the tape controller

Future PRISM features will feature automatic drive failover, dynamic drive allocation, tape RAID, data mirroring, and network attachment.


This article was originally published on October 01, 1998