ADIC array packs in storage

ADIC array packs in storage

ADIC`s new tape array--an extension of its DS97000 product line--is designed to fit into a 19-inch rack for users who want to mount a large number of drives in a small space. Available in a five-drive DLT4000 or DLT7000 configuration, the Tape Array 5 allows up to 350GB of storage capacity, with a backup rate of 180GB per hour (both with 2:1 compression). The objective, says Steve Whitner, director of marketing, "is to pull data off the drives as quickly as possible. This allows you to do it with five drives in parallel in a small space--25% more capacity and 25% faster."

Combined with standard RAID software packages, the tape array provides multiple RAID/RAIT options, including RAID-0 for fastest throughput, RAID-1 for mirrored data sets, and RAID-5 for optimum fault-tolerance across multiple drives.

The enclosure is priced at $2,650; DLT4000 and DLT7000 drives can be purchased separately for $3,595 and $6,895, respectively.


This article was originally published on October 01, 1998