Digi-Data combines FC, RAID 3 & 5

Digi-Data combines FC, RAID 3 & 5

Digi-Data Corp.`s Z-9502 RAID-3 and Z-9552 RAID-3 and-5 controllers both support the Fibre Channel interface. The 9502 provides two Fibre Channel host connections, while the 9552 adds support for I/O-intensive RAID-5 applications. Digi-Data claims a sustained throughput for both controllers of more than 55MBps (using four drives) for RAID-3 applications such as video, picture/text retrieval in digital prepress and medical environments, and large file movement for Internet service applications. Via RAID-5, the 9552 can support applications such as database and OLTP.

Both controllers support six Wide Ultra SCSI drive channels, each at up to 40MBps, and as much as 256MB of cache memory. Cable lengths range from 33 meters with copper to 500 meters with fiber optics. Digi-Data claims its SCATS performance-enhancing firmware can double the controllers` performance by striping data across 10 or more disks for each host I/O operation.


This article was originally published on October 01, 1998