Trimm ships Ultra2 enclosures

Trimm ships Ultra2 enclosures

Targeted at OEMs, VARs, and systems integrators, Trimm Technologies last month introduced its Ultra2 3000 series of enclosures, which support the Ultra2 LVD (low voltage differential) interface, as well as 10,000rpm single-connector attachment (SCA) disk drives, transfer rates up to 80MBps, and bus lengths up to 12 meters.

The enclosures are available in four configurations: two-high and four-high tabletop, and eight-high table and rack-mount versions. Features include a cam lock mechanism and lever that allow drives to engage the enclosure`s midplane and secure the canister while protecting the SCA connectors and drives. For reliability, data signals are carried through PC boards, eliminating data signal cables. Other features include an all-passive component design, hot-swap boards, three high-pressure blowers and redundant power supplies. The eight-drive enclosures include built-in monitoring of temperature, power supply and fans. Prices start at $667 for a two-bay model.


This article was originally published on October 01, 1998