IBM to add Ultra SCSI to Magstar

IBM to add Ultra SCSI to Magstar

IBM plans to offer an Ultra SCSI option for its Magstar 3590 tape drives in the first quarter of next year. The interface will provide a burst transfer rate of 40MBps, or a sustained rate of 33MBps. In addition, company officials say a 20GB (uncompressed) version of the 3590 is due early next year, to be followed by a 40GB implementation by 2000.

Separately, IBM announced enhancements to its Virtual Tape Server (VTS). Designed for mainframe attachment, the VTS now offers 3:1 compression, which the company claims provides a 2X to 4X performance improvement over previous VTS implementations. In addition, VTS now supports up to 64 virtual tape devices and 150,000 virtual volumes per Magstar 3494 tape library. The field-upgradable performance enhancements are priced at $85,000. VTS competes with virtual tape devices from StorageTek and Sutmyn.


This article was originally published on November 01, 1998