New look and feel, same content

New look and feel, same content

Dave Simpson


Our regular readers will notice that with this issue INFOSTOR moves from a magazine layout to a larger, newspaper-style format. The primary reason for the redesign is simple: studies have shown that this format delivers increased--and more immediate--readership. It`s important to us that our readers read the publication as soon as they get it, as opposed to putting it in a pile for more leisurely perusal.

Another reason for the larger format is to accommodate the growth that we`ve experienced since we launched InfoStor in October 1997. The newspaper style allows us to deliver more content, in an easy-to-read format.

At the same time, the content remains the same: storage news and trends analysis, technical features, user case studies, labs reviews, and opinions. We remain the only monthly publication dedicated solely to storage, serving the needs of all storage professionals, including IS/IT managers, systems integrators, value-added resellers and OEMs.

Let us know what you think of the new format (daves@pennwell.com), and feel free to suggest improvements in content that would help you do your jobs better.

Robert A. Poggi


Why do marketing professionals like INFOSTOR?

Because 30,000 highly qualified Enterprise IT storage professionals will think more highly of their companies and the products they advertise.

If you are like most marketing professionals, you probably need to feel like your company is advertising in magazines where it belongs. You only have to read one issue of INFOSTOR to find out just how easy that is in the storage business.

Its marketing appeal is simple. Leading storage coverage by the leading storage authorities, advertising by the leading storage vendors, and highly specialized readership of storage centric IT professionals equal sales results. And INFOSTOR is the computer industry`s only monthly publication entire targeted to information storage business and technology.

We hope INFOSTOR`s new tabloid format is appealing to you. Best wishes for the New Year, and we sincerely appreciate your great efforts in our behalf throughout 1998.

Wishing you success in 1999.

This article was originally published on January 01, 1999