Raidtec intros Ultra2 LVD SCSI and FC arrays

Raidtec intros Ultra2 LVD SCSI and FC arrays

Raidtec`s FlexArray-HI is a Wide Ultra2 LVD RAID subsystem based on a three-channel, 80MBps SCSI-to-SCSI bridge controller. Supporting up to eight virtual array groups, the subsystems can be configured for RAID0, 1, 1+0, and 5. Each enclosure supports seven 3.5-inch SCSI drives, and up to four FlexArrays can be cascaded for more than 500GB of capacity on a single controller.

Raidtec also recently announced a 12-bay Fibre Channel RAID enclosure, called the FibreArray-12, with 36GB disk drives and a maximum capacity of up to 432GB. As many as 11 enclosures can be cascaded, for a total of 126 drives.

Resellers and OEMs can populate the enclosures with Raidtec or third-party controllers, and 7,200rpm, 10,000rpm, or 12,000rpm drives. The FibreArray-12 is expected to ship to the channel later this quarter.

Raidtec has also added network-attached storage servers based on "thin-server" technology from Creative Design Solutions (CDS). The devices support Ethernet and the SMB and NFS file systems.


This article was originally published on January 01, 1999