Quantum, WD to ship 7,200rpm Ultra ATA/66 drives

Quantum, WD to ship 7,200rpm Ultra ATA/66 drives

Quantum is expected to ship in March its Fireball Plus KA desktop disk drives, which will support the Ultra ATA/66 interface and a rotation rate of 7,200rpm. Capacities range from 6.4GB to 18.2GB. The drives will ship with Quantum`s Data Protection System (DPS), which assesses the functionality of the drive when a PC malfunctions. Other features include magneto-resistive (MR) heads and an 8.5-millisecond average seek time. Estimated retail pricing for the 18.2GB version is $399. www.quantum.com.

Western Digital has also introduced 7,200rpm Ultra ATA/66 drives. The WD Expert series uses giant MR (GMR) heads (based on IBM technology), and is available in 9.1GB, 13.5GB, and 18GB versions. Volume shipments began this month, with an estimated retail price of $499.95.


This article was originally published on January 01, 1999