ADIC intros new line of AIT libraries

ADIC intros new line of AIT libraries

With the addition of the Scalar AIT series earlier this month, ADIC claims to have the broadest selection of AIT products in the industry--ranging from single-drive subsystems to data-center-class systems with more than 80TB of storage capacity. Steve Whitner, ADIC marketing manager, cites the increasing popularity of AIT technology over the last 6 to 8 months and the promise of AIT-2 this year as evidence to support the company`s decision to bolster its AIT product lineup.

The Scalar series consists of three libraries: the 220, the 480, and the 1000. All three use original (25GB) or extended (35GB) AIT media and will support AIT-2 drives and media when they become available later this year.

The Scalar 220 and 480 replace ADIC`s QLS SDX series. The 220 can be configured with up to 2 drives and 20 cartridges for up to 1.4TB of capacity, while the 480 supports up to 4 drives and 80 cartridges for up to 5.6TB of (capacities are based on 2:1 compression and the use of AIT-1 media). Both use interchangeable 10-cartridge magazines, which can also serve as stacking media storage units. For maximum performance, the drives can be configured to attach to multiple SCSI busses. Both models are available in tower or rack-mount configurations. The libraries start at $14,400.

For greater scalability and increased performance, ADIC has come out with the Scalar 1000 AIT library--a year after launching the product with DLT drives. This library can be configured with 2 to 48 drives and 237 to 1,182 tape cartridges, for up to 80TB of compressed capacity. Unlike other libraries in its class, the Scalar 1000 does not use "pass-thru" ports to expand capacity.

Up to four modules can be added by simply removing a wall and extending the robotics along the x-axis. In doing so, says Whitner, ADIC has improved performance and reliability (due to fewer moving parts), while minimizing costs (robotics only have to be bought once).

1000 AIT libraries feature an 18-position import/export mailbox, and they support TCP/IP network backup and can be used in storage-area networks. DLT, 3590, and NCTP models are also available. The base AIT model starts at $42,000; the expansion modules run about $14,000 each.


This article was originally published on January 01, 1999