StorageTek ships VSM and 9840

StorageTek ships VSM and 9840

StorageTek last month increased production of its Virtual Storage Manager (VSM) system and 9840 tape drive--two components of the company`s recently announced Virtual Intelligent Storage Architecture (VISTA). VSM combines disk, automated tape, and software in a single integrated system for improved data access, retrieval, and migration for such business initiatives as data-center consolidation, e-commerce, data warehousing, and enterprise resource planning. The system can be integrated into StorageTek Powderhouse or 4410 libraries and 9490 transports.

Citing strong customer demand, StorageTek is also looking to ramp up production of its 9840 tape drive. Announced last fall, the drive offers 20GB of native capacity, has a 10MBps native throughput, and a 18-second access rate. The company is positioning the technology to compete in performance-critical markets across the enterprise.


This article was originally published on January 01, 1999