Procom enhances network storage capabilities

Procom enhances network storage capabilities

Procom`s new Tape Array 100 series is designed to meet the capacity and high-availability demands of enterprise storage applications. The array features a scalable design, which allows users to add up to five AIT autoloaders or five DLT7000 or AIT drives. When fully configured with DLT7000 drives, the array delivers up 350GB of capacity; with five AIT drives, 250GB; and with five AIT autoloaders, up to 1TB. All drives are mounted on hot-swappable shuttles for quick, easy replacement, and all tape array configurations are available in tabletop or rack-mount options.

Users can configure the array for optimal SCSI connectivity. A high throughput split-bus configuration puts two drives on the first connection and three drives on a second SCSI channel so that the array can service up to five jobs simultaneously. For example, while first three drives run backup operations, the fourth and fifth drives can respond to separate file restoration requests.

Alternatively, users can operate with all five drives on a single SCSI bus and add optional RAID software for maximum data reliability.

Prices for the Tape Array 100 start at $2,845 (MSRP) for an unpopulated version, $48,870 for a five-drive DLT7000 model, and $35,570 for an array configured with five AIT autoloaders.


This article was originally published on January 01, 1999