Sony offers built-in Fibre Channel connectivity

Sony offers built-in Fibre Channel connectivity

At Fall Comdex, Sony Electronics demonstrated its GY-4240 DTF-2 tape drive in the Fibre Channel Loop Community exhibit area. The second-generation DTF drive is reportedly the first tape drive to feature direct-attached--rather than bridge--Fibre Channel connectivity.

"The decision to go Fibre Channel," reports Wes Kuch, product marketing manager at Sony, "was not made until about six months ago when both Fibre Channel and network-attached storage came up to steam." Another reason to go Fibre Channel, says Kuch, is to keep pace with the drive`s road map.

The drive will be available in both Ultra SCSI and Fibre Channel configurations. Users who opt for Ultra SCSI will be able to later upgrade to Fibre Channel by installing a Fibre Channel module.

The second of at least four slated generations of DTF products, the GY-4240 has a 24MBps native transfer rate and a 100GB uncompressed storage capacity (a lower-cost 12MBps version will also be available). The drive also features ALDC compression, dual fault-tolerant ports, and a built-in TCP/IP Ethernet port for on-line diagnostics, maintenance, and status information. The drive is slated to ship in the third quarter.


This article was originally published on January 01, 1999