JVC ships DVD authoring system

JVC ships DVD authoring system

JVC`s Professional Computer Products division and Smart Storage have launched the DVD Authoring System, which combines hardware and software to help premaster audio, video, data, and applications onto DVD-ROM. The DVD Authoring System supports UDF formatting, testing, and emulation for developing DVD-ROM discs that can be accessed through DVD-ROM drives and jukeboxes. The system enables multiple users to create content from desktops, and then test the DVD-ROM image over a network using a high-speed network card.

The basic system starts at $59,995, which includes a 44GB RAID array with DVD-ROM premastering software. A higher end system is priced at $99,995 and includes DVD premastering and authoring software packages, 54GB RAID array, MPEG-2 encoder/decoder, and a DLT tape drive integrated into a Pentium II system running Windows NT 4.0.


This article was originally published on March 01, 1999