SSD prices falling

SSD prices falling

Dave Simpson

Solid state disks are slowly making their way from specialized niche environments to more mainstream applications. This is in part being driven by new applications, such as video, Web servers, and RAID environments, where SSDs are used as pseudo caching devices.

But increased interest in SSD is also being fueled by rapidly falling prices. For example, Quantum last month slashed $/MB prices on its entire SSD line by as much as 40%. One year ago, Quantum`s SSDs ranged from $28 to $35 per MB; the disks are now priced between $17 and $25 per MB (MSRP).

By using 64Mb DRAM technology, Quantum also doubled capacities of its Rushmore Ultra family: half-height 3.5-inch units now pack 536MB, and full-height 5.25-inch devices are available in 2.1GB and 3.2GB versions.

The drives come with a SCSI-3 interface with a sustained data transfer rate of 30MBps, and Quantum claims access times of less than 50 microseconds.

Peripheral Research, a research firm in Santa Barbara, pegs Quan-tum`s share of this market at 25.2%, followed by Imperial Technology (24.1%), Seek Systems (11%), Solid Data Systems (6%), and a growing list of "others" (34%).

This article was originally published on March 01, 1999