Brocade taps SAN systems integrators

Brocade taps SAN systems integrators

Dave Simpson

Because of complexity and interoperability issues, systems integrators are expected to play a key role in fueling end-user acceptance and deployment of storage area networks (SANs). Although large vendors can potentially provide one-stop shopping for SAN equipment and services, most implementations will require the assistance of third-party integrators.

That?s why SAN equipment vendors are forming tight partnerships with storage-savvy systems integrators and are helping them with issues such as interoperability testing before products get deployed at end-user sites.

For example, Brocade Communications Systems last month announced new partnerships with four integrators, which Brocade refers to as Ofabric integratorsO: Cranel, Datalink, Polaris, and RAID Power. Existing integrator/VAR partners include MountainGate, Transoft Net-works, and DataDirect.

OBecause it?s all so new and the standards aren?t all synched yet, this program will help us with interoperability issues,O says Scott Slack, vice president of marketing at Cranel. OAnd our customers will see results quicker and we?ll have less integration problems [because of Brocade?s interoperability testing].O

Brocade also announced the SOLUTIONware program, which is available to its fabric integrator partners. The program provides how-to manuals and application notes to assist systems integrators in configuring and testing SANs.

In each of the OcookbookO configurations, Brocade guarantes the interoperability of hardware and software products. The first guide focuses on a backup and restore environment, which is expected to be one of the first Okiller appsO for Fibre Channel SANs. Future guides will focus on storage server consolidation, disaster tolerance, and high-availability clusters.

The announcements were part of Brocade?s introduction of its FABRIC 2000, a OmarketectureO framework for the company?s SAN strategy.

This article was originally published on March 01, 1999