MTI targets SANs with disk array

MTI targets SANs with disk array

Trying to capitalize on the trend toward storage area networks (SANs), MTI Technology recently introduced the Gladiator 6700 disk array. For heterogeneous SANs with Unix and Windows NT servers, the array includes a Volume Mapping feature that allows administrators to partition array volumes and assign them to specific hosts. (For more information on Volume Mapping, see the Special Report in this issue.) The end-user benefit is protection against unauthorized data access and data corruption.

The 6700 includes MTI?s:

Y HardCache technology, which is implemented as a fail-safe disk drive mounted on each RAID controller. In the event of a power interruption or disaster, all data stored in cache is copied to the HardCache drive to maintain data integrity until the system is back online.

Y WriteGuard technology, which ensures that writes in progress are completed even if a power failure occurs in the middle of a write operation.

Y DataAssure technology, which uses 528-byte sectors instead of the traditional 512-byte sectors.

Other features include up to 256MB of processor cache and 512MB of mirrored write-back cache; support for RAID 0, 1, 0+1, and 5; and compatibility with HP-UX, Solaris, IRIX, NetWare and Windows NT. The array is priced from $149,000 (with 218GB) to $459,400 (with 1TB).


This article was originally published on March 01, 1999