Procom launches NetFORCE NAS server

Procom launches NetFORCE NAS server

Procom Technology extended its NetFORCE network-attached storage (NAS) server line with the addition of the 2000 and 2200 series. The midrange 2000 and the enterprise-level 2200 provide multi-protocol file access by offering centralized storage directly attached to a network.

The 2000 is equipped with a Pentium II processor, 256MB of RAM, hardware-based RAID, and up to 180GB. The 2200 has 512MB of RAM and up to 900GB. The NetFORCE line also has dual-controller and high-availability options that scale up to 1.8TB.

To facilitate access and editing of UNIX and Windows NT files, the series supports NFS versions 2 and 3, WebNFS and CIFS, as well as file locking. Network interfaces include Fast Ethernet, FDDI and CDDI. Pricing for the 2000 begins at 25.5 cents per usable MB, while the 2200 model is priced at 16.4 cents per MB.


This article was originally published on March 01, 1999