Ai lifts OS/400 tape restrictions

Ai lifts OS/400 tape restrictions

American International, the largest third-party supplier of tape storage products to the IBM AS/400 market, last month unveiled Magstar Lite Solution Pak 3570. The unit features two Exabyte Mammoth drives (for up to 80GB of capacity), a dual-port design, and Ai?s AutoBahn/400 concurrent backup software (for backup rates up to 30GB per hour). The controller OtricksO AS/400 servers into thinking that IBM devices have been attached. The result, claims Ai, is Magstar-like performance at half the price.

The Ai device can be attached to a single AS/400 host with dual SCSI channels. This configuration enables backup from two hosts simultaneously. In this setup, the 3570 would most likely use one SCSI channel to connect to an AS/400 host, while the second channel and the drive would be connected to one or more open-systems hosts. The controller also supports mirroring operations and backup failover. The package lists for $13,900.


This article was originally published on March 01, 1999